A time was there when wood was the preferred material for counter tops, especially in the kitchen. However, with changing times, people started favoring durability along with aesthetics for counter tops, thus granite become the choice of material for counter tops. There are many reasons that can be cited in favor of granite; however the top five reasons are being cited here.

1. Durability

Granite is considered a very hard material, probably comes after diamond in terms of hardness. We already know that diamond is the hardest material that is found on our planet. It has the property of resisting very high fluctuation of temperature which enables you to place even the hottest kitchen utensils on it directly from the oven. Granite is also scratch and stain resistant, therefore any rough type of work done on the counter top can be done without a worry. Therefore granite can withstand hardest of work maintaining its shape and shine for as long as you use it.

2. Low maintenance

Kitchen is probably the only place where most of the rough work goes on in a home. It is also a place which is used most extensively. Therefore granite as a counter top is the only material that can withstand such high traffic due to its natural ability. It can withstand a very high level of activities without cracking. And all you need to keep it clean is water and soap and nothing fancy.

3. A beauty

Apart from its utility value granite is also a beauty to look at. There are innumerable numbers of patterns, shades and colors the granite is available in, and this is the reason why no two pieces of granite are ever the same. You are bound to find them in any pattern and color that you want; something is sure to come up that will match perfectly with what you have in mind. Having granite counter top means having something unique.

4. Always in style

Most of the materials that are being used for counter tops become a fad and then gradually go out of fashion. However, granite is one material that will take a very long time to fade. This is also because granite comes in variety of patterns and colors and two pieces of granite are never identical and granite can hold on to its beauty without any kind of degradation. Therefore you can expect to be in fashion for a long time to come.


5. Adds value

Granite is a way you can increase the value of your home. If you intend to sell off your home and giving it a final touch so that you can get a better value for it; you can think of installing granite counter tops in you home. Potential buyers are very keen on looking at the kitchen when they buy a home because it is a place where most of the time is spent by the lady of the house. Moreover kitchen is a favorite place for everyone at home. Therefore if you install granite counter tops in your kitchen you can get a good value for your home.

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